What We Do


Seaport-e Quality Assurance Program


Our quality assurance (QA) process is based on our ISO 9001:2008 approved Quality Management System. It is designed to provide management with appropriate visibility into the process being used by the project to ensure that the products being built comply with the applicable standards and procedures.  Our process ensures the following quality assurance objectives are met:

  • Plan and budget quality assurance activities in a timely manner
  • Allow the Quality Assurance group to objectively verify the adherence of work products and activities to applicable standards, procedures, and requirements;
  • Inform affected groups and individuals of quality assurance activities and results;
  • Escalate, to senior management, noncompliance issues that cannot be resolved within the project.


Planning and Allocation of Resources for QA Activities

To support performance of QA functions, the program manager assures that the QA group responsible for coordinating and implementing quality assurance for the project is given adequate funding, resources, and training.

Performing QA Audits and Activity Reviews

The QA staff performs its activities in accordance with the quality assurance plan and participates in the preparation and review of the project’s development plan, standards, and procedures. This group reviews the project activities to verify process compliance; audits work products to verify standards compliance; and periodically reports the results of its activities to the cognizant program group (e.g., software development, training, security, engineering support, etc.) and to the program manager.

Status Reporting and Noncompliance Documenting and Tracking

The QA staff takes measurements that are used to determine the cost and schedule status of the quality assurance activities. Any deviations identified in the activities and work products (e.g., audits not performed) are documented and handled according to a documented procedure. The quality assurance staff also conducts periodic reviews of its activities and findings with the customer’s quality assurance personnel, as appropriate. For example, these activities can include QA reports at In-Process Reviews, dissemination of audit status reports to customer QA representatives, discussion of style guides application, etc.

Independent Review and Verification of QA Activities

QA staff review the program’s quality assurance activities with senior management on a periodic basis and with the project manager on both a periodic and event-driven basis. Additionally, we typically require a review by experts independent of the quality assurance group to review their activities and work products.