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Latest News

Tuesday, 27 May, 2014

Maritime Security Update

To raise the profile of Delex’s maritime analysis capabilities, Maritime Security Consultant James M. Bridger has been publishing articles with a number of security and industry forums including the US Naval Institute, Maritime Executive, and Foreign Policy.

In early March, James contributed an article, “Searching for a Somali Coastguard,” to the UK-based Maritime Security Review in exchange for three months of advertising for Delex. The article, which examined the trials and tribulations of public-private partnerships to build coastguard capacity in Somalia, was well received by naval, academic, and maritime industry quarters and has also been used to further Delex’s business development efforts in the Middle East.

On March 27, James led a 90-minute breakout session on Maritime Security in West Africa at the Overseas Security Advisory Council’s (OSAC) annual Africa Regional Council conference at Northwestern University, Chicago. The presentation, focused on the threat posed by pirate and oil theft gangs, led to lively a discussion with the audience of diplomats, company security managers, and other expatriates working in Africa. Delex is now conducting follow up business development with the many international oil and gas companies in attendance.