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 Delex Code of Conduct

We believe that business, by its nature, is and should be an ethical activity and that the best business decisions are those which are founded on the principles of integrity, respect, honesty and fairness – in short, principles which insist that we do what’s right. At Delex, practicing these behaviors is not only a requirement, it is a personal and professional ethical obligation for all.

It is your responsibility as an employee of Delex to follow these rules of conduct:

Obey the Law – Conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. If you participate in international business activities, you should understand and strictly comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), as well as the customs of the countries involved in the activity or transaction.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest – Avoid relationships or activities that affect your ability to make objective and fair decisions when performing your job. You should never use company property or information for personal gain.

Protect Proprietary Information – Protect all company and customer information by following all restrictions on use and disclosure of information.

Carefully Bid, Negotiate, and Perform Contracts – When involved in the proposal, negotiation, and execution of contracts, make sure that all statements are truthful, fair, and accurate. Never make promises the Company can’t keep.

Record Costs Properly - You are responsible for ensuring that labor and material costs are accurately recorded and charged on the Company’s records. These costs include, but are not limited to, normal contract work, work related to independent research and development, and bid and proposal activities.

Beware of Gifts, Gratuities and Business Courtesies – Be aware of federal, state, and local regulations regarding acceptance of business-related entertainment, meals, gifts, gratuities, and other things of value. Do not accept gifts from customers or suppliers in which there is a conflict of interest and do not put customers in potentially embarrassing situations by distributing gifts to current or prospective customers except for advertising materials of a nominal value.

Report Illegal or Unethical Conduct – Promptly report all illegal or unethical conduct to Management or the designated Compliance Officer.


It is the responsibility of every employee …

…to follow this Code of Conduct and to promote an atmosphere of trust and open discussion. When in doubt, ask questions, seek guidance, and report suspected violations of this Code of Conduct immediately. All communications will be treated confidentially.


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