Who We Are

Delex Vision

A world-wide supplier of innovative, best value technology solutions; fostering an exciting, participatory work environment; rewarding outstanding contribution; creating challenging career opportunities and providing corporate growth.


  • Provide advanced systems engineering, security, intelligence support software, simulation, interactive training and information technology solutions for domestic and international customers.


  • Customer Satisfaction is our prime motivation.  Our goal is for our customers to see and seek our participation as an integral element in their success.


  • We are a learning organization.  We continuously challenge and measure ourselves.  We seamlessly use these measured results to learn, improve and grow both individually and as a company.


  • Our employees are our #1 resource.  We will provide a dynamic, challenging learning environment where our employees are encouraged and empowered to actively participate.  Employee performance will be holistically recognized and rewarded.


  • Steady diversified growth is our long-term strategy.  We will actively pursue long-term partnering relationships as one method to achieve this objective.


  • We will work aggressively to expand our market share to promote work load stability, to enhance job security and to provide exciting career opportunities while maintaining our fiscal strength.


  • We will never compromise our integrity.  We will create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.  We will comport ourselves, with our customers and fellow employees, in the most socially and ethically responsible manner possible.

Our Experts Icon We Value

  • Delivering Excellence
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Empowering Employees