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Joining Delex as Transitioning Military:




We work aggressively to expand our market share to promote workload stability, enhance job security, and provide exciting career opportunities while maintaining our fiscal strength.  JUST LIKE YOU.


We never compromise our integrity. We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.  We comport ourselves, to our clients and our fellow employees, in the most ethically responsible manner possible.  JUST LIKE YOU.


Serve in a new and exciting way by building your career with Delex!


Join our team of more than 50% veterans.  WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU.

Many of our employees have transitioned from the military directly into the Delex workforce. As one of the leading defense contractors, Delex is committed to ensure that our dedication and values are reflected in the work we do for those who defend our freedom.
Many members of our leadership team have proudly served in the military. They have taken their knowledge and experience gained from many years in the service and applied it to their work at Delex.
If you have served your country in the past or are in the process of completing you active duty, you can have another opportunity to contribute to the mission by joining our team.

In their own words, read what our veteran team members think about the Delex organization and why they decided to join our workforce.

Chris Braginton - Senior Program Analyst

There are several reasons why I enjoy working for Delex and why I think they stand out among other Employers.  Delex has an unmatched focus on the employee, they ensure the employee feels empowered and has the tools necessary to complete their job.  This allows the employee to meet the customer needs and provide customer satisfaction which is a prime motivation for the company.  I also feel the Delex principle of integrity closely matches the values learned in the military which made my transition from the Air Force much easier!

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  • Delivering Excellence
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Empowering Employees