Who We Are

James Bragg — Software Developer

Please introduce yourself and describe, in broad terms, what you do for Delex.

Hi! I’m James “Jay” Bragg, a software developer at Delex Systems. I am part of a team of engineers that designs and produces missile fire control trainers and missile simulators. One of my latest assignments is the Harpoon Interactive Tactical Training System (HITTS). On this project, I update the missile model so that it behaves as closely as possible to the actual missile, based on testing and feedback from the U.S. military.

How do you feel about your work environment?

Working at Delex is great because of the friendly work environment.

What skills have you learned or developed at Delex?

I have learned a production process for developing quality Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) -compliant courseware, consistent with current interactive courseware (ICW) style guide requirements. In addition, I have learned Instructional System Design (ISD) professional requirements for the development of courseware that provides the highest likelihood that proper learning will occur.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment at Delex?

My greatest accomplishment is difficult to pin down. Working in a team, each member contributes his best to the project and complements the abilities of the others in the team. Therefore, I would have to say my greatest accomplishment was working on the HET (HSCLCS Embedded Trainer) project. On this project, I had the opportunity to work closely with courseware developers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and other engineers.

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