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Joining Delex as a Delex Alumni


Ready to come back to Delex?


We welcome the opportunity to have former “Deloids” return to our workforce.  More than 10% percent of our employees have come back after exploring other opportunities.  We embrace the experience and/or education they have gained and recognize the value and diversity this provides to our organization.


Join our team as a Delex Alumni and see what is next in your career.

Alumni Perspective: Heather Stayrook:

I chose to return to Delex not one, but two times.  Delex understands that people have personal career goals to pursue, but they also value dependable and hardworking employees and when they can, welcome those who wish to return.  Working at Delex feels very much like home to me.  The management team respects the home/work life balance and trusts their employees and the people I work with are like an extension of my family.