What We Do

Information Technology

Intelligent Technology… Smart Results

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Intelligence Database Support

We provide database interface design and development in direct support of analytic missions. Delex performs content management, develops tailored reports and structured data queries to serve users.  Our in-depth knowledge of analytical processes and procedures enables us to get it right the first time!

Information Visualization

Our scientifically driven information systems are designed to support analysis and decision making.  Dealing with “Big Data” and complex potential relationships within data sets means our products must display concepts and networks in an intuitive, useful manner.

Human Systems Integration

We provide ergonomically designed human interfaces with information visualization capabilities.  Ease of use and speed of access minimizes the system learning curve and promotes efficiency and productivity.

Customer Review

“Please pass along to the DELEX team my appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the deployment of… data on the… Portal. The DELEX team worked effectively to accomplish this complex task with the parameter set by the government… Thanks again for a job well done.”