What We Do

Maritime Analysis

Secure Your Maritime Domain

Commercial Maritime Intelligence Fusion and Security Analysis

Delex Maritime Analysis renders disparate commercial maritime data into focused “specialty intelligence” products to support risk assessments and evaluate options.

We specialize in:

  • Building fused information products geared toward user needs
  • Focusing on operationally relevant regional maritime issues
  • Removing irrelevant, erroneous, and duplicative reporting
  • Bringing contextual sense to the overwhelming mass of single point media reports/data
  • Delivering easily understood, timely products


Research Study Examples:
Custom Research Study II:  Suez Canal Security Tracker

Security Training

Delex provides a broad range of maritime training capabilities that include intelligence analysis, port security, port risk analysis and threat detection.

Training Seminar Example:
Training Program I:  Commercial Maritime Shipping and Port Operations

A Different Approach to a Problem
Delex brings an interdisciplinary approach to maritime issues to support risk assessment and threat analysis from the perspective of our Maritime Industry Knowledge, the discipline of intelligence analysis, the rigor of academic peer review, and training in solid journalistic principles . Whether in government policy or the shipping industry, Delex supports your need for decision support and considered appreciation of business risk.