What We Do

Physical Security Integration

Integrated Security Solutions for 21st Century Challenges

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Delex-Fairfax Integrated Security Systems (DFISS) provides holistic, integrated security protection for public and private enterprises worldwide, with challenging security requirements. Using the most advanced technology, proven design and highly skilled manpower, we offer cradle to grave protection of Physical assets, Intellectual Property, and malicious intrusion destruction of Computer-stored information.

Our success is based upon:

  • Extensive expertise in the design, installation, and integration of cutting edge, enterprise-wide systems and advanced technologies
  • Successful application of professional project/program management best practices that ensure on-time and within budget outcomes
  • Key learning relationships with super-primes
  • Size and Flexibility
    • Large enough to handle all of our Client’s requirements
    • Agile enough to be responsive to our Client’s needs.

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