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Our Leadership

At Delex, leadership is a team effort where every person in the company works together to achieve a common goal:

"...for our Customers, Employees, and Partners to see and seek our participation as an integral element of their success."

To achieve this goal, we have assembled a team of talented people with expertise in multiple professional areas, each with the mandate to Deliver Excellence to their customers.  Each person on this team comports themselves in a manner that is true to our vision and values, as true leaders should.

Among this group are those who take the extra responsibility to lead the Corporation in meeting it’s Business, Legal, Financial, and Customer Service goals.  Our Corporate Leaders are expected to make decisions in the best interest of the corporation, it’s employees, shareholders, and ultimately, our Customers.  Each one brings a unique perspective to the operation and leadership of the company – making Delex an interesting and challenging place to work!

Our Open Door Philosophy

Delex’s Open Door Philosophy is one in which everyone's voice is heard, where issues are promptly raised and resolved, and where communication flows across all levels of the company.  We encourage all employees, customers, and partners to participate, because only with open communications can we quickly resolve customer concerns, recognize business issues as they arise, and address the changing needs of our workforce.

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